Belenes Destacados

  • 49,99 €

    Modern nativity scene with embedded lights and hand painted. His figures have a delicate and unique detail at the base of each figure with gold trim. The profiles of each elegant and modern silhouette make this crib a really special piece. Even without faces, the figures design give the impression of attending the Birth of the Child under the protective...

  • 54,99 €

    This nativity scene is characterized by the exquisite shapes of its figures, each having a location consistent with the "Divine Protection" given by the Angel. The positions of each figure is designed to make this crib a unique design, San José holds a lamp with light that illuminates this beautiful Christmas Belen. Their faceless figures and fine details...

  • 49,99 €

    It is a modern nativity scene with real light. It is characterized by its soft silhouettes, slender figures with subtle curves which create a sensation of movement.  The observer becomes fixed with a multitude of sensations due to the overall effect of its winding shapes.  Figures in this Bethlehem nativity figures July 1 with light, measures 80 to 125 mm.  

  • 56,86 €

    It is a modern Christmas crib with real light included. His figures have exquisite detail.  Each silhouette shape profile plays a role on the overall form where its faceless figurines creates a unique design.  Figures in this set: 7 figures , 1 with light, heights between 80-125 mm

  • 34,95 €

    My first Christmas Belen” is recommended for ages 3+. It is composed by 16 wooden pieces where 5 are a building block set for the manger. Your child can learn composing and fitting the pieces according to their shapes, great to learn by playing. This Christmas Belen is specially made for your child to enjoy and help on his development. It will positively...

  • 299,00 €

    This Scene is a replica of the one made by the master artisan Salzillo in XVIII century. Salzillo was the best example of Christmas Belen carving in Spain.  It consists of 17 figures plus a dome of the Nativity with a height of 65 centimeters. The figures have been manufactured with great care and with a high level of detail, appropriate to their larger...


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